How to use Promo Coupons to Unlock Free EPA

Justly is running a promo on EPA documents and offering them for free.

This post explains how to apply your promo code and start on your EPA. You will have full access to the Justly app to create your own DIY EPA. 

Step 1

Login and sign up at:

Choose “Start Making Your EPA”.

Step 2

In your Dashboard, click “Pay & Download” near the top.


Step 3

Click the green “Ready to download your EPA? Click here to complete payment”. 


Step 4

Click the green “Buy Now” tab. 


Step 5

At this pop-up, type in “DIYFREE“, then click “Redeem Coupon”. 


Step 6

This pop-up will show. Click the green “Use Coupon”.


Last step

Now just tick the box (like below) and then click “Accept” to redirect back to your Dashboard. Follow on-screen prompts.


Done! You’ve unlocked the app in full. You have 30 days to edit and re-generate your EPA documents.

Remember to have your generated document witnessed by a lawyer. You can do this online with a law firm in our nationwide network to work with you for a fixed fee, or take it to a lawyer of your choosing.


If you have any questions, just ask our team over Intercom on the bottom right hand corner, or email us at