How to use your GrabOne voucher in 3 easy steps

Have you recently purchased a GrabOne Voucher to create your own will?

This post explains how to apply your promo code and start on your will. Since you have already paid to GrabOne, you do not need to pay again. Simply enter your individual promo code from your GrabOne Voucher and you will have full access to the Justly app to create your own will.

Step 1

Login and sign up at:

Choose “Start Making My Will”.

Step 2

In your Dashboard, click “Pay & Download”.

step 1

Step 3

Click the green “Buy Now” button. 

step 3

Redeem your GrabOne coupon!

Enter your personalised coupon code into the screen. Then click “Redeem Coupon”. 

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 10.03.30 am

Done! You’ve unlocked the app in full. Now you are all ready to create your own will.

If you have any questions, just ask our team over Intercom on the bottom right hand corner, or email us at