Uploading your signed document

How to upload your scanned document to your cloud storage area.

Step 1
Log in and open up the specific matter tool. For example, your will planner, from the Dashboard. At the top right of the page is a menu. Select “Complete“.


Step 2
Choose which document you wish to upload by click on the tile by that name.

register document type


Step 3
Complete the details of when signed and where you are storing the paper copy. Select the file(s) to upload or drag and drop the file into the marked area. You can upload multiple files and formats  (PDF, Word, JPG, PNG). Click “Finish“.


Step 4

Once successfully uploaded, your file appears here.

make a will online 3 help 18Oct


Step 5
Click “Continue” to return to the select document to upload to upload any other documents in this matter or to close the matter. In this view the uploaded document’s tile appears solid.


Step 6

Click the solid tile to view the details, download a copy of the document or to edit/replace the document with a new version.

View registered will