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Statement of Wishes

letter of wishes

A SOW accompanies your will and provides explanations, instructions and directions addressed to your Executor and anyone else you instruct they be shared with.

It may include reasons for omitting people from your will, explanations for favouring specific children in your will, instructions for dividing up your possessions, a register of minor gifts, guardianship explanations and directions, organ donor directions, burial and funeral wishes and personal messages.

10-30 minutes to complete

Accompanies your will

Cost RRP$39 (no on-going charges)

Personalised for your beneficiaries

Secure cloud stored & registered

Free NZ-based, 7-day support

Deal with complex situations

Avoid disputes and legal challenges of your will. Explain your reasons for the instructions in your will and direct your family on sensitive issues such as organ donation.

Explain beneficiaries, gifts & guardians

Justify leaving out a family member.
Justify favouring a child over others.
Leave directions for your business.
Give instructions for child guardians.

Distribute minor gifts and possessions

Give and explain gifts.
Instruct on dividing possessions.
Assign control of digital assets.
Manage lists of your assets.

Instruct on your organs,
burial and funeral

Direct organ and tissue donation.
Direct on disposal of your body.
Provide funeral service preferences.
Leave personal private messages.

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How it works

Easy. Personalised. Secure.


Create your Statement Online

Step-by-step guided process.
All instructions saved as you go.
Asset register for easy updating.
Separate schedules for recipients.


Option of Lawyer Oversight

Share access with your lawyer.
Get advice on risks.
Get help drafting explanations.
Get document on firm letterhead.


Store and Retrieve Securely

Secure SSL encrypted connection.
All instructions saved as you go.
Asset register for easy updating.
No risk of loss, theft or destruction.

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Be Remembered for Good

The Justly® online Statement builder is simple, smart and can help remove the stress of decision-making placed on your family at the time of your passing.

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Bank Level Security

Server security, connection encryption and other sophisticated measures trusted by banks keep your information private and safe.

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Justly does not collect or store any credit card details.
Connections to Justly are subject to 128/256 bit encryption.

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