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Justly User Reviews

“A personal thank-you”

Setting up an online Will for my dad at a very difficult time was made easy. Kevin is definitely a customer’s champion! He reached out when I needed his advice, kept me well informed with step by step instructions and made me feel like he genuinely cared.

Amy Johnson (PA to General Manager) – Auckland

“Extremely helpful and knowledgeable”

Highly recommend Justly for anyone looking to create a will. The platform was easy to use and the staff were extremely helpful and knowledgable with any questions I had. I will be recommending Justly to my friends, family and colleagues.

Kristina Popat (CEO) – Auckland

“Well done!”

We went to Public Trust and were quoted $492 for a basic will…. I just can’t believe the difference.
On top of this they requested certified copy of ID, Doctors certificate etc. a lot of running around… Your system is so easy to use and understand. I will be recommending this for anyone.

Edward Borell (Retired) – Bay of Plenty

“I can’t thank you enough”

We rang around the Public Trust and Lawyers but couldn’t afford the fees.

We wanted to do our wills for ages but didn’t know how. You gave us the peace of mind that this has been taken care of if something happens.

We really appreciate your service and we will tell our friends.

Tagisia (Office Administrator) – Christchurch

“Much thanks”

I will forward the website details to other friends and family because the service and follow up is great, and the online system is so easy. This is something I have meant to do for years, but always seemed too complicated.

Nicky Dalbeth (Manager) – Christchurch


I tried to make a Will through the Public Trust but that was disastrous and when I talked to the Nurses at work they didn’t have anything good to say about the Public Trust either. It was surprising actually how many Nurses didn’t have Wills!!

Suzanne Bailey (Retired) – Whangarei

“You should be so proud”

I have to say that I think it is excellent. I had no idea what an EPA was or was used for. I found it so easy to look at and understand. You guys have done such a wonderful job on something that is so important.

Gemma Ireland (Artist) – Oamaru

“It’s awesome”

I’ve just found your online system and it’s awesome.
Well done you guys. I wanted to tackle this project a couple of months ago but never found the time of course! Now it’s all done for me!

Kimberley Weston (Information Systems Co-ordinator) – Auckland

“I feel so much happier”

The thought of leaving the welfare of my son to chance for another day got me online and signed up with Justly. I was dreading it, but Justly made it as straight-forward as packing my bag for a weekend. It was actually kind of fun to do…

Troy Coyle (CEO) – Auckland

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