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Why register your Will/EPoA/Medical Directive?

Finding a will, EPoA or medical directive was too hard, so we’ve simplified it

How it works

If your Will, Memorandum of Wishes, enduring powers of attorney or Advance Medical Directive documents are registered with us, then your family and/or trustees / executors or attorneys can quickly find your documents when needed.

Registration involves storing the details of the document version, location of the original and the option of attaching a scan or photographs of the original document.

Cloud storage is used to provide 24/7/365 access and to ensure your data and documents cannot be destroyed due to fire, natural disaster or theft.


There is no cost to register a document or to search for the existence of a document on Justly’s New Zealand will registry, enduring power of attorney registry or advance medical directive registry.


No-one that searches the registry can see your documents or any sensitive details about you or your documents such as the date they were signed or where the originals are stored. Only that you have the document. Private details and documents are only released upon verification of death or loss of mental capacity, as appropriate. Details of the will, memorandum of wishes, enduring power of attorney or advance medical directive are only released to verified trustees/executors or attorneys.


Records are securely stored on Amazon Broad and Deep Core Cloud Infrastructure Services (AWS), the gold-standard in cloud hosting, operating under Commonwealth Law jurisdiction. Connecting to Justly is only available via bank-grade 256bit SSL Encryption used to protect against the risk of any transfer data being intercepted.


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