New Feature: Mirror Wills & Mirror EPAs

New Feature: How to Make Instant Mirror Wills and EPAs

Justly recently rolled out a new feature – mirror wills and mirror EPAs. We automatically generate the second mirror matter, saving you the time and effort required to create two matters.

The mirror wills lets you input instructions for one client and download two identical matters.

The outputs are identical: in a mirror will, each leaves to each other (can be a partner or other nominee) and then to the same. In mirror EPAs, two donors nominate each other as their primary attorney and their other instructions are identical.

You can use the feature at any time, whether a client comes in instructing for mirror matters, or their partner decides to create mirroring instructions while you are completing the client’s matter.

How to Create a Mirror Will or Mirror EPA

  • Start a New Mirror Matter

Create a new matter as typically done. Add the Client Name, the matter Type   (Will or EPA), and tick “This will be a mirror matter” before you Create Profile.

start matter updated


  • Download the Mirror

Input the client’s information as per usual. When you are ready to download, scroll below your download button to see the new mirror options.

For a will:


For an EPA:


Upgrade a Standard Matter to Mirror Matter

Enter the existing matter. Scroll to the bottom and select “Add a mirror to this matter“. Then proceed to download as above.

single to mirror

How Does Justly Charge for Mirror Matters?

For each mirror matter created, the fee Justly charges is the same as for a separate new matter.

There are no further fees to unlimited editing, repeated downloads of the document and digital storage, for the original matter and its mirror.

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