Couple Mirror Wills

Mirror will for couples to simplify your estate planning

What Is A Mirror Will?

A mirror will is an estate planning tool that allows couples to “mirror” each other’s instructions. Two people can leave all of the estate to each other, and then leave everything else to the same people. Both have the same wishes for their assets and estate distribution, and about nominating the same testamentary guardians for their children.

Is it suitable for me and my partner?

If you and your partner have the same wishes for your estate, you should consider creating a mirror will. Mirror wills are suitable for couples who are are in complete agreement about how to distribute their property upon passing.

A mirror will can be used by two people who are married, engaged, in a de facto relationship, or simply wish to have wills that dispose of assets in precisely the same way and do not intend on changing their will.

A mirror will is NOT suitable if you want to create a will to meet unique circumstances and give your estate to different people from your partner’s beneficiaries. Typically, it is not suitable for situations of blended families with multiple beneficiaries, or couples who marry later in life and wish to provide differently for their children from their previous marriage. In these cases we recommend each partner creating a single will.

How do I make a Mirror Will on Justly?

Simply fill in the name, personal details and instructions for one person. Ensure you have correctly filled in the name and details for your partner (under the Relationship tile). Proceed to the payment gateway – you can either complete a DIY will at $49 (including GST), DIY Mirror Wills for $78 (including GST) (or only $29 additional if you have already paid for one Will), or Work With A Lawyer (prices vary between firms).

After payment, you can download two separate wills at the end of the Will Builder and sign them. Put the original copy in a safe place and you can also upload a digital copy to Justly’s Wills Registry system. You’re all done.

If you have already paid for a single will, you can still upgrade to a Mirror Will at any time. Simply scroll to the bottom where you downloaded your document, and below that select “Add a mirror to this matter“.

How does the lawyer collaboration work?

Justly offers a nationwide network of law firms that are able to collaborate with you to complete your will. This includes the law firm reviewing your matter, checking your instructions are correct and answering questions you may have.

When you have created your account and filled in your information, click the “Engage A Lawyer” tab in the top centre, then select the law firm you would like to work with.We recommend you choose to work with a law firm near your locality. Then proceed through the payment gateway.

Once you have paid, your selected firm will be in touch with you to review your instructions.

Do I have to work with a lawyer to do a legally valid will?

No, you don’t have to work with a lawyer provided your instructions are straightforward. We have the DIY Will option for you to complete your will without needing to work with a lawyer.

I’m ready to start. Where do I go?

You can Sign Up here to create an account on Justly.

If you already have an account, go to the Sign In portal.

Fill in  your instructions by following the step-by-step plain English help guide. Proceed with payment, download your wills and complete signing as guided. Congratulations, you have completed your legally valid will. It’s dead easy.


If you have further questions, head to our FAQ section.

You can also contact support via the live chat, +64 3 384 2445 or email

Please note Justly does not give legal advice and any information provided is intended for general guidance purposes only.