Latest Developer Updates

New Billing Selections

New Billing Options available: 

  • Fixed Price (online and offline)
  • Estimated Price (offline)
  • Ranged Price (offline)
  • Unknown Price (offline)

Automate Letter of Engagements & Streamline Invoices

In our August release, we implemented new billing formats to give you greater precision in billing records. Each new billing option also has in-built Engagement Letters readily addressed to your client’s email inbox. The Letter of Engagements will detail the figure you specify and the appropriate format.


1. Fixed Price (Justly Gateway or Self Billed)

For when you charge your client a fixed price for the matter. If they are paying online via credit card, we automatically send the engagement letter on your behalf before the payment step.


2. Estimated Price (Self Billed)

Where you have an estimated price for the piece of work, detail the amount you predict for the matter.


3. Ranged Price (Self Billed)

When you are estimating a price range for the piece of work, you can select Ranged Price and input the lower and upper boundaries. These figures automatically reflect in the letter of engagements.


4. Unknown Price (Self Billed)

Select Unknown Price if you cannot estimate a price for the client’s work or are unable to assess the size or time required to complete the matter.


HANDY TIP:   Letter of Engagements are only automatically sent when Justly Gateway takes the payment. In all other cases where your firm handles bill invoices, it is your firm’s responsibility to provide the letter of engagement. However if you wish to manually send the digital copy to your client’s inbox you can still do so by visiting their Client Profile > Options > Send Engagement Letter.


FAQ: What’s the difference between “Online” and “Offline”? 

Put simply — when you go to add a new client, “Invite Client to Complete” is online via the Justly Gateway. “Complete on Behalf of Client” is offline where firms self bill clients.

Online mode means your client can collaborate with you on the matter. They will use the Client View interface only. Online lets your clients pay via credit card through the secure Justly Payment Gateway on DPS. Justly reimburses the full amount back to your firm. An added benefit – prior to the online payment step, your client will be automatically emailed their relevant Letter of Engagement.

Offline mode means the billing record will only be seen by your firm, and no letter of engagements nor client payment will be handled by Justly. For offline clients, you as their legal professional will input their instructions into Justly and the client does not need a login. When you create matters on behalf of clients, your firm self bills the client accordingly.


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