Latest Developer Updates — Justly v 1.1 — May 2017

12 Time-saving Hacks

Since the inception of Justly, we have endeavoured to continuously improve our interface to ensure the service aligns with the needs of lawyers, legal executives and users of Justly. We recently released 68 updates to the app.

Here’s a selection of some of the best solutions.


 1. One-click to add successors in the will

Relevant backups may be added for estate distribution, nominating executors, guardians, providing gift-overs…



2. Adjust chargeable fees at time of invite

Easily give clients a discount when you invite them to collaborate with you on the matter. Simply adjust the price your firm normally charge when you are inputting their email and inviting them.  No need for promotion codes anymore!

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3. Assign clients to yourself for invoicing

When you create a new matter for a client (whether you complete on their behalf or let them collaborate with you), you now have the option to select who the client author is; and who the matter author is. There can be multiple matter authors e.g. you and your legal executive are both working on the matter.

When you see a new unassigned client, you can assign them to yourself and the invoice will go to you. Or, distribute the new client to a colleague if your engagements are keeping you busy.



4. John Smith (John)… John… Automated shortened name

The will now provides for automated name alignment. Once the full name of an individual has appeared once in the text followed by the shortened version in brackets/parentheses, the shorthand will be used throughout the will.

The default shorthand name will be a person’s first name. You can also manually type in a shorthand by going to My Profile > Relationships > Edit.



5. New signature section for wills

Aligned with the preferred default of most firms and approved by the Probate office. We have resized the text for witness labels, reordered the witness signature format, removed the heading, added a new date formatting and refined the signature block.



6. 33% estate sharing to three people

Even though this does not add to 100%, our will document autocorrects and downloads as “thirty-three and a third percent”.



7. Consent to Upload clause updated in our Terms of Use

Our client-facing Terms of Use now provisions client consent to uploads to the National Registry, searchable by lawyers within the Justly partnered network. For more details see section 11 of the Terms of Use.


8. All EPA in-app terms aligned with latest legal definitions

All tiles have been updated to maximise intuitive accessibility at input.
Example: representative > “attorney”



9. Expansion of organ donor clauses 

Memorandum of Wishes now incorporate for clauses provisioning for organ donorship status or option to let the family decide.



10. Redesigned new Help Guides for client use

Our digital help guides underwent renovation since the March legislative changes — in both layout and content. Clients will receive clear, informative, step-by-step instructions with picture examples at each input step. For example:

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 4.04.16 pm



11. Comprehensive EPA revocation interface & display

A redesigned Revocation tile generates output of all existing EPAs that are to continue + type (property or welfare) + date signed + matters authorised.



12. White labelling to show your firm only

Inviting a client to collaborate with you at the time of invite. Only your firm’s logo and branding is visible to your invited client through the entire invitation and information gathering process. For example:

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 8.07.37 am

 Reinvented EPA design

You asked, we delivered.

We heard about your pains toiling with such a LENGTHY EPA form — so we’ve reworked the entire design to produce a sleek new output*. We’ve kept all the prescribed content — and gotten rid of the multitude of empty spaces.

*Permissible under s 95(2) of the PPPR, provided no prescribed provision is omitted and differences are immaterial.

Special Features:

  • Separate download for the Notes and Glossary at the start
  • Separate download for the filled-in EPA (filled-in) with coversheet
  • Separate download for the Standard Explanations
  • Automatic hiding of unfilled sections (e.g. N/A second successor attorney)
  • Automatic hiding unfilled phone numbers, emails, etc
  • Redesigned celebratory gifts section
  •  Sleek design without compromising on reading visibility and more…

Here’s a sneak preview….

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 5.44.20 pm

Have more ideas in mind? We’d love to know how how we can best serve you. Leave us a live chat message, email or call.