How to merge duplicate beneficiaries / relationships

Step 1

Log in, click on your Name in the top right hand corner.


Step 2

Click on the Relationships tab on the sub-menu. This will display a list of all the relationships (beneficiaries, representatives, children, etc.)


Step 3

In the Select column, click to check two boxes alongside the names you wish to merge. IMPORTANT: the profile with the most data survives the merge (to edit data, see Step 4).


Step 4

To edit profile data, click on Edit in the third column of the table in the row of the person you wish to edit information on. You can add, edit or delete information in the profile fields. Once you have finished editing you must click SAVE.


Step 5

Once the merge is complete, a success message will show under the page heading in a green bar and only one of your selected names will remain showing in your relationships table after the merge.