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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the best way to access you tools?

For optimum features and user experience we advise accessing our application via a desktop computer or laptop. Using a Tablet is only recommended for more confident / experienced web users. If you need help using our tools contact us for assistance.

Are the wills and enduring power of attorneys created using Justly legally valid? 

YES. Documents generated by Justly are legally valid in New Zealand provided you follow the instructions provided and ensure the document is signed and witnessed correctly.

Do I need a lawyer or JP to witness or certify my will?

NO. Anyone over 18 can be a witness to your will, so long as they are not a independent (not a beneficiary or spouse of a beneficiary) of the will. You can complete a legally valid DIY will without a lawyer.

Can I use Justly to make a will for a family member (wife, mum, or dad)?

YES. As long as you create the will on behalf of them and the will is signed and witnessed correctly.

Can I make a single will for a couple or a family?

NO. Each person is required to have their own individual will. What is common is that a couple make individual wills that mirror instructions.

What is a mirror will? 

It is possible for a couple to make two mirror wills that “reflect each other”, which are substantially similar in form. For example: both partners leave everything to each other and appoints each other as their sole executor/trustee. If you wish to create a mirror wills you can do so on our Standard and Comprehensive tiers.

Mirror wills can be tailored to each individual after the common instructions are completed.

Do I need to cancel my existing or previous will?

NO. All of your prior wills and codicils will be automatically cancelled when you complete a new will with Justly.

Can I digitally sign and initial the PDF? 

NO. The Wills Act 2007 does not authorise any form of electronic signature. You MUST download and sign your will by writing your name on the document.

How is my will stored?

Justly allows you to upload a scan or photographs of your will for secure cloud storage and to register it on the National Will Registry for free. This ensures a record exists in the event of fire, theft or natural disaster and that your family can locate it. You are also required to keep the paper copy safely and register its location with Justly.

Is this just a basic service or are Justly wills and EPAs full-feature?

Justly’s Wills and EPAs are full-feature and provide for a panoramic range of specific details that you may include in your documents. Our documents are in line with the latest legislative provisions under the Wills Act 2007, Protection of Personal Property Rights Act 1988 and Statues Amendment Act 2016.

Will features include: appointing child guardians, clause for contemplation of marriage, separation and divorce, dealing with overseas assets, nominating beneficiaries and back-up beneficiaries to your estate, life interest (giving someone a right to use your asset e.g. occupy the family home), funeral directions, arranging for beloved pets, digital assets, gifting…

EPA features include: both the Property EPA and Welfare EPA, comprehensive help guides, introduction notes, glossary of terms, Certificate of Witness, Standard Explanation guide, instructions for authorised witness…

How much does it cost to create a will/EPA using Justly?

Justly provides both a do-it-yourself option and also a work-with-a-lawyer option for a fixed fee. The fixed fee varies between law firms and their locations. Click for Will pricing and EPA pricing.

Can I add a lawyer at any time and just pay the difference?

YES. You can start with a DIY option. If you wish to engage a lawyer we will only charge the difference when you upgrade with a law firm within our network. You will pay for the firm’s fixed fee less the DIY price you have already paid.

What is the ‘trial period’ and how long do I have to complete my will/EPA?

Justly gives you free access to try out each tool for 7 days. In the trial you can fill in your information and review the guides and preview the output (will content). Once you pay, you can download the document and you will have 30 days to unlimited edits and downloads.

What are the on-going fees? 

There are NO on-going fees nor hidden charges. It is a one-off cost to create your will or EPA. If at a later date (after the initial 30 days) your circumstances change and you wish to update your will, it is typically 50%-70% to update your will depending our your tier/package.

Does Justly take a percentage of my estate?

NO. The business model of trustee corporations is to take a percentage of your estate to assist in administering it. This is typically 4%-5% of the value of your estate which for an average Auckland estate is in excess of $20,000 plus other fees. Justly does not take a percentage of your estate if appointed to assist your executor in the administration.

How much does it cost to update a will?

Once your 30 days has expired your circumstances change and you wish to update your will, it is typically 50%-70% to update your will depending our your tier/package.

If you are working with a law firm, each individual law firm has their own updating fees. You can contact the law firm directly to check their charges.

How will my family find my will?

This is a problem with finding any will. The first question your family will ask is did you have a will.

As part of Justly’s service you can scan and upload a signed copy and “register” it on our national database and record the location of the physical paper copy (e.g. your home address and specific location) that lawyers and Justly staff can search to establish if you have a will with us. Once we are able to verify your death, we release  your will to your trustee/executor(s) as named.

Registering and storing online is extremely important as a house fire, flood or earthquake could destroy the paper copy. Also a family member with a grievance could find and destroy the paper will.

Also it pays to let the executor and/or beneficiaries know it’s on Justly for speed and ease of finding.

Does Justly provide legal advice?

NO. Justly is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice. Use of Justly’s website or documents does not create a lawyer-client relationship or any other relationship. If you choose to work with one of the law firms listed on Justly’s website, once you have accepted the law firm’s terms of engagement and paid, a solicitor-client relationship will come into existence between you and the selected law firm. Your lawyer will then give you legal advice.

Do I need a lawyer to make an EPA?

You can create an EPA using Justly’s DIY solution, however, the law requires that you then have it certified by a lawyer.

To certify your EPA, engage a lawyer within Justly’s network (or use your own). Firms in our network offer a fixed price and are located across New Zealand and some may also work with you via Skype or FaceTime. Engaging a lawyer via Justly means they will work with you as you create your EPA and answer any questions you have. Click for our law firm directory.

I have more questions… where can I go? 

There are multiple avenues to get answers and assistance from us. Send our team a live message by clicking the speech icon on your bottom right corner. You can also reach us at and for business and media enquiries, head over to contact us.

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