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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my Justly will still valid now that Justly has ceased operating?


Your do it yourself will created on Justly is legally valid in New Zealand provided you followed the instructions contained within and complied with the document signing and witnessing instructions provided.

Under the New Zealand Wills Act 2007 the hardcopy (paper version) once signed and witnessed is your “original” will under the law and you must have that.


If I wish to make changes to my will in the future, what are my options?

You should never alter your original will in anyway by writing on it or attaching any instruction to it. Doing so may invalidate the will or open it to challenge for being uncertain.

Make a new will.


What happens to my personal information?

It’s in safe hands. Your personal information is destroyed as part of our shutdown and we will not sell it or pass it on to a third party.


Why has Justly ceased trading?

Justly is a technology start-up aiming to drive down legal costs and greatly increase legal access. Unfortunately the business was unable to achieve break-even with the investment it raised. The decision was made to cease operating and sell off the business assets before incurring further losses to its backers.

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