Export a completed Will to your desktop | Editing out Clauses in the Will

How to Export a completed Will to your Desktop

You as the lawyer have completed filling in your client’s information and instructions. This explains how you export it into a Word document file and save to your computer desktop.

Step 1

Scroll to the bottom of the client profile page. You will see:

step 1

Click on either “Will” or “Memorandum of Wishes”.

Step 2

You have the option to choose which clauses to show on the final contract. All clauses are automatically generated. De-select the clauses you do not wish to show on the finalised document, by clicking the tick box.

step 2

Step 3

When you are ready to download the will, simply click the green “Export” button at the bottom right hand side.

Then choose “Start Download”. Select a location on your desktop or downloads folder.

step 3


Your client’s completed Will will be in Word Document format.

You can return to edit or amend any information and print new copies of the Will if you need to.