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Enduring Power of Attorney


A plain-English, easy-to-use tool for authorising people to act for you when you are mentally incapable due to sickness, accident or dementia. EPAs are binding instructions about your personal health care and use of your assets and finances.

Includes both Property and Care and Welfare EPAs, compliant with changes under the Protection of Personal and Property Rights Act 1988 and Statutes Amendment Act 2016.

Takes 10-15 mins to complete documents

Includes Property and Welfare EPA

NZ Ministry of Justice 2017 compliant

$24.50 per EPA (uncertified)

From $149 per EPA (Lawyer certified)

30-days unlimited edits and downloads

Try it free – No credit card – Cancel anytime

Free NZ-based, 7-day expert support

Safe and sound – included on national register

For when you can’t think straight

An EPA authorises a person(s) to act for you when you are mentally incapable

Appoint someone to act for you

Appoint people to sign for you.
Allow to sign severally or jointly.
Set the scope of their powers.
Appoint backups / substitutes.

Authorise asset management

Authorise full management.
Specify only certain assets.
Set specific value limits.
Set rules to consult and inform.

Instruct on your health care

Appoint person to sign for you.
Specify scope of decisions.
Set rules to consult and inform.
Nominate who can assess you.

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How it works

Easy. Legally Valid. Secure.

enduring power of attorney online

Create your EPAs online in minutes

Step-by-step SMART creation.
Plain-English instructions.
Legally-valid to NZ law.
7-day chat and email support.

enduring power of attorney nz

Choose a lawyer to certify

Q&A with legal expert.
Certified by a lawyer.
Pay a low fixed fee.
Printed on law firm letterhead.

ensuring power of attorney forms nz

Cloud-store and register

Avoid risk of loss/destruction.
Protect against tampering/theft.
Scheduled reminders to update.
Secure, convenient 24/7 access.

Price and features

Our customers recommend us


Richard Burns

65 Yrs. Husband. Father of two. Self Employed.

“I want to congratulate you and say that I think Justly’s enduring power of attorney is excellent. I had no idea that I could do something so important together with my wife at home and feel like we both completely understand all the aspects involved. It took us less than 30 minutes to make our EPAs and its hugely reassuring to have these instructions in place.”

It’s a no-brainer®

Our EPA builder is simple, smart, legally robust and puts you in control.

enduring power of attorney online

Bank Level Security

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