How to create a new Will for your client

How to Create a new Will on Behalf of your Client

Step 1
Log into your Dashboard with your username and password.

Click the “Clients” tab at the top right hand corner to see your clients menu list.

Step 1

Step 2

Click on “Add New Client”. This is akin to opening a new matter file. Your client’s information will be safely stored and integrated online.

Step 2

Step 3

Then select “Complete on behalf of client” to draft the will for your client.

step 2.1

Step 4

Fill in your client’s details. It is optional to add your client’s middle name.

Under a matter type, choose “Testamentary Will” to create a will on behalf of your client. The process is the same for creating a new EPA for your client (in which case you select “Enduring Power of Attorney”), if you wished to create a different matter type.

Then click the green button to “Create Profile”. Easy!

step 2.3

Done! Now you have created a new profile for your client to draft their will. You will be directed to a page like the below. Here you can add in your client’s personal information, relationships, details on their children, whether they have a family trust, and input any specified instructions.

Use the “Edit” button under each category to add new information or edit existing information on each client. Fill in the details on behalf of your client. All data is stored securely and saved every time you log out or work on other client profiles.

Once you are ready, under “Export Documents” at the bottom, choose the “Will” and “Memorandum of Wishes” to download the finalised file to your desktop and print.

step last

For a detailed guide on how to edit terms on your client’s will, see this post: How to Use the Justly App for Wills.

For how to export your client’s completed Will to your desktop, see: How to Export a completed Will to your desktop.