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Lawyer Partner Disclaimer

Please note, we don’t review advisors' listings and we don’t recommend or guarantee the service provided by any one advisor – so make sure you check them out and get comfortable with them yourself.

Justly certification means that representative(s) of the advisor have been trained by Justly and are proficient in the use of the Justly application. Justly’s certification process does not assess any individual or advisor’s proficiency as a lawyer or legal executive operating in any area of law. Justly certified advisors are not employees of Justly does not review the content of any advisor listing and Justly does not certify, warrant or guarantee the quality of services provided or advice given by any advisor – so make sure you check them out yourself.

Become a Justly certified law firm

Innovation starts right here. Justly is looking to partner with forward-thinking and industry-leading law firms in New Zealand to reinvent the way lawyers engage with their clients using all the advantages of modern technology.

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