How to add default condition clauses – 3 quick steps

Clause amendments may be made by Justly on your firm’s behalf at your request, by contacting our team or sending us an email at

You can also make changes yourself if you are a firm master user by following the below instructions.

Important: You must be a firm staff and set as a master user to make changes yourself. You are a master user in our settings if you can see a “Firm” tab on your top right when you log in.

Step 1

Log in as Lawyer. Click on the Firm tab to your top right.


Step 2

Click on Templating, then under Present Conditions, click Configure

Top Tip: You may add and customise clause outputs under Precedents and Clause Default Ordering.  


Step 3

Type in your specific condition (e.g. he/she attain the age of 30), then select the Condition Type. The Condition Type maps to the area a condition would appear in the dropdown when you are completing a matter. When ready, click Save.


Below, you can see a list of all pre-saved conditions saved in your firm profile by Justly and your firm master users.