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What we’re about

Getting protected by the law was too hard, so we’ve simplified it

How it works

Justly provides you with the ability to enter your information and instructions and automatically generate your own customised legal documents, on-demand.

There’s no appointments, no travelling and parking, time off work, no one sitting in judgement and no surprise bill. You get to build your personal legal document in the most convenient and simplest way possible for a one-off fixed fee.

Justly’s documents are legally robust and peer-reviewed by New Zealand legal experts. They also come with a money-back guarantee.

Plain English

At Justly we take a plain-English approach to the law. We believe the law is there to protect you and therefore should be presented in language you can understand. Ever signed something or agreed to terms you couldn’t understand? We decode the verbose terms so you don’t need a lawyer to translate into English what you are signing.


Justly’s documents are legally robust and peer-reviewed by New Zealand legal experts from different New Zealand law firms. They come with a money-back guarantee and are underwritten by international  professional indemnity insurance.

At any point while using Justly you can engage a law firm in Justly’s network and pay only their low fixed fee. If you have paid Justly a DIY fee it will be refunded.


Justly is 100% New Zealand owned, including a stake by the New Zealand government investment arm NZVIF. Other investors include New Zealand’s premier business management and mentoring provider, The Icehouse, as well as New Zealand’s largest Angel Investment group, The Ice Angels. Our shareholders also include law firms, lawyers and technology entrepreneurs.


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