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Save hours & hundreds of dollars

by making an online will.

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Authorise someone to manage your

health care & assets if you’re incapable.

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Make sure the people you care about

inherit your assets.

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Make certain your kids are cared for

and by people you choose.

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Ensure your pets

go to a good home.

Justly allows you to create a Will
or Enduring Power of Attorney – on demand.



Follow the easy steps and plain-English instructions specific to NZ law. All you data is saved and securely cloud stored for future use.

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Your inputs are validated and your document is automatically built using artificial intelligence and is available for immediate download.

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Get advice

You can share your info and documents with a lawyer you choose to review and work with remotely, saving time and money.

The Justly Advantage

Save Time and Money

Save hours and hundreds of dollars of unnecessary costs. Make a Will and EPA in your own time, online.

Trusted by Lawyers

Justly online Will and EPA documents are written, reviewed and trusted by specialist NZ lawyers.

Cloud Storage and Sharing

Your data is securely stored and accessible 24/7 via a cloud vault removing any risk of loss.

Fixed-Fee Legal Help

Work with a lawyer for a fixed price. No hidden fees or long-term commitments.

Money Back Guarantee

7 day ‘money back guarantee’ of payment made for a Justly document not fit for your purpose.

Inclusion in the National Register(s)

Justly Will and EPA documents get included on New Zealand registers so that your family can locate them.

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